Lighting Controls

Title 24 Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing:

Testing will be performed in accordance to the California Energy Commissioning Standards, the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and 2019 Nonresidential Reference Appendices NA7.6, NA7.7 & NA7.8 for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Controls.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Controls:

NRCA-LTI-02-A Occupancy Sensors and Automatic Time Switch Controls.

NRCA-LTI-03-A Automatic Daylighting Controls

NRCA-LTI-04-A Demand Responsive Lighting Controls.

NRCA-LTI-05-A Institutional Tuning Adjustment Power Factor (PAF).

NRCA-LTO-02-A Outdoor Lighting Controls

nLight and Lutron Lighting Controls 

System Start-Up Commissioning and programing of nLight and Lutron:

Dimmers, Occupancy Sensors, Daylight Sensors, Demand Response controls and Time Clock Operations.